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Increasing Diversity of Chemicals in Synthetic Stimulant and Cathinone Cases (webinar)

Hosted by NMS Labs, Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Presented by Dr. Barry K. Logan, PhD, DABFT, NMS Labs National Director of Forensic Services

Dr. Barry Logan, Director of Forensic and Toxicological Services at NMS Labs, presents some of the latest developments in the designer drug arena from the perspective of NMS Labs. What started with “Bath Salts” has evolved into a complex culture of experimentation with “Research Chemicals”. With the changes in the law that took place in the summer of 2012, and some high profile enforcement action, the flagrant public sale of the products has moved under the counter and into the back room. Suppliers are diversifying the range of chemicals that appear in these products however, and an alarming number of deaths and adverse events have been reported. Currently, MDPV, methylone, alpha-PVP, pentedrone, 25-I NBOMe, and the stimulant nutritional compound DMAA are among the most frequently encountered drugs in our toxicology populations. This webinar reviews a comprehensive LC-TOF application for screening for designer stimulants and cathinones, and emerging data on their prevalence and adverse effects. (view as pdf)

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