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The Expanding Reach of the Designer Drug Movement in 2011: Challenges for Forensic Toxicology & Chemistry (webinar)

Presented October 26, 2011 by Dr. Barry K. Logan, PhD, DABFT, NMS Labs National Director of Forensic Services

This presentation considers the latest intelligence on what drugs are out in the U.S. grey market of products being sold as novelties, legal highs, “Bath Salts” and research chemicals, including an update on the latest trends in synthetic cannabinoid use and detection.

The proliferation of designer drugs in the last two years has made a remarkable change to the landscape of forensic toxicology and drug identification. The scope of compounds that require detection and measurement has grown from a few drugs that needed to be targeted in specific cases, to a wide range of esoteric compounds that arguably need to be included in general drug screens for forensic purposes. The growth continues as the industry that has built up around recreational drug manufacture adjusts in an attempt to stay one step ahead of the law.

The presentation reviews the general chemical drug classes encountered in forensic toxicology and chemistry casework, including mephedrone, methylone and MDPV, recently scheduled by the US DEA, and related the cathinones, 2C compounds, tryptamines, and pyrovalerones. This includes a survey of the latest published research, and a review of resources for analytical testing and standards. (view as pdf)

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