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NMS Labs Suspends An Across-The-Board Price Increase Of Its Forensic Testing In An Effort To Assist With Public Budget Deficit Issues


NMS Labs today announced that it would not issue an across the board price increase for over 2000 of its lab tests in 2010. As other costs to the public sector continue to rise, NMS Labs aims to provide cost efficient forensic outsourcing services to state, county, and municipal governments that are facing unprecedented budget pressures. This move by NMS Labs should assist the public sector stretch their dollars for toxicology, drug identification, and DNA requirements. Dr. Eric Rieders, President and CEO of NMS Labs, cites that he is committed to the laboratory testing and outsourcing needs of law enforcement officials, medical examiners, and other forensic investigators. “Our company has always prided itself on being a responsible corporate citizen, and we were able to avert an across the board price increase that was scheduled for March 1, 2010 by passing along the efficiencies attained through intense company-wide LEAN initiatives,” explains Dr. Rieders.

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