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National Medical Services updates its name to NMS Labs, reemphasizing its role as the nation’s leading independent laboratory specializing in clinical toxicology and forensic science.


September 5, 2006. Willow Grove, PA. National Medical Services, Inc. today announced it is updating its name to NMS Labs. For more than 35 years NMS Labs has been a world-class, full-service national reference laboratory specializing in clinical toxicology, forensic science, and other vitally important areas of esoteric testing and expert services. Today the company employs more than 200 highly trained professionals who continue to work closely with leading healthcare providers, medical researchers, and all members of the criminal and civil justice system to provide integrated testing and consultative services. "We are very proud of our distinguished past and are now gearing up for the future. The fields of forensic science and clinical toxicology are changing; that's why we're constantly looking for new and innovative methodologies and techniques," said Michael F. Rieders, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board of Directors. "We believe our updated name more accurately reflects our role as the nation's premier independent provider of professional laboratory testing services."

"We have a new name, a new look, a continued commitment to excellence, and an innovative vision for the future." said Eric F. Rieders, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer. "As NMS Labs, our ongoing mission is to continue to set the national standard for scope, accuracy, expertise, and innovation in our field of laboratory testing services."

About NMS Labs. NMS Labs is the go-to lab for healthcare providers, medical researchers, and the criminal justice system needing state-of-the-art tests that other labs don’t provide. A national reference laboratory, NMS is unsurpassed in its scope of tests, accuracy of results, scientific expertise, and innovation. NMS Labs is passionate about promoting public health and safety. A family-owned business, NMS Labs is committed to its community, both through volunteer work in the scientific and professional communities, and through the Fredric Rieders Family Renaissance Foundation, a non-profit educational and research organization.


NMS Labs Making Headlines. NMS Labs employs top-notch scientists, researchers, and support personnel dedicated to finding answers to the most complicated clinical and forensic questions. Right now, NMS Labs research is helping Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti unravel the case against New Orleans’ hospital workers accused of administering Katrina-stranded patients with lethal doses of injectable drugs. In the past, NMS Labs has provided forensic toxicology analyses and expert services for high-profile criminal court cases, including the OJ Simpson murder trial, the first World Trade center bombing investigation, and the Michael Swango case.

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