Healthcare Professionals

MORE THAN RESULTS. SOLUTIONS. NMS Labs experts do so much more than research and measure outcomes.

NMS Labs mission is to provide the medical community with broad access to meaningful and actionable insights available through innovative, esoteric and technically challenging laboratory services. We strive to be a promoter, supporter and early adopter of personalized medicine.

  • Innovative and emerging diagnostics—such as unique LC-MS/MS endocrinology hormone testing—that are valuable for medical decision-making and clinical trial support

  • Pharmacogenomics combined with traditional TDM to help take patient safety to the next level … for example, in the areas of pain management and pediatrics

  • Biological monitoring of chemicals and substances of concern in the workplace and the environment—such as carcinogensmetals, endocrine disrupting chemicals, and other industrial compounds

  • Continually evolving and relevant testing for abused drugs, novel psychoactive substances (NPS) and toxicology for patients from the clinic to the emergency room

  • Reporting that helps transform results into valuable information and insights

  • Serving as partners to bring testing closer to the patient and points of decision

  • Our ever-growing portfolio of tests helps our healthcare customers increase patient safety and improve medical outcomes

NMS Labs is licensed and accredited by CAP ISO 15189, CAP-LAP, CLIA, NYS DOH, OSHA, PA DOH and other regulatory agencies.

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