MORE THAN RESULTS. INNOVATION. You and your team can count on our experts to move your study forward.

NMS Labs has a long and impressive track record of success working with Contract Research Organizations (CROs), clinical researchers, and pharmaceutical and medical device companies providing laboratory testing. We use state-of-the-art technologies and our unrivaled expertise can assist with moving challenging studies forward. Our extensive menu of more than 2,500 assays and customizable panels makes it easy for you to fulfill your research-based testing needs.

  • Experience and ability in deploying bio-analytical methods in the areas of clinical toxicology, endocrinology and suspected endocrine disruptors including BPA and phthalate metabolites.

  • Direct working relationships with our toxicologists to ensure we meet your testing requirements 

  • An unrivaled clinical toxicology menu, including testing for a variety of sample types, sizes and species—ranging from metals in small pediatric samples to a unique cortisol in mouse blood 

  • Specialization in testing for drugs used in oncology, neurology, psychiatry and CNS disorders 

  • Inclusion or exclusion criteria testing during patient recruitment through post-marketing surveillance and testing for trials involving new indications for approved drugs (Phase IV)

  • Expertise in designing and conducting REMS studies and FDA-ready reporting—all with unique understanding of the drug diversion methods, latest techniques and experimentation in “kitchen chemistry,” and clandestine laboratory environments

  • Customized testing and reporting, including unique panels and research-only tests custom designed and validated to meet your demands 

  • Personalized project management and distinctive customer service 

  • Post-study support to help you prepare for submission or for publication

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