NMS Labs Center for Innovation Mission

The mission of the Center is to listen, anticipate and proactively provide analytical solutions for the needs of our customers. It is designed to monitor the state of analytical science practice in the United States and internationally; steer the development of new tests, technologies and market opportunities; and ensure that the needs of both the public safety and public health clients for innovative tests are being met in a timely manner.

NMS Labs Center for Innovation Initiatives

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  Designer Drugs Initiative

Strategic Partnerships

handshake_icon.jpgAt NMS Labs, we value collaborative partnerships. We are always looking for strategic partners who can help us bring innovation and testing closer to patient point-of-care or the scene of the investigation.

NMS Labs Center for Innovation, At a Glance

  • Division of Public Safety (legal and law enforcement testing & services)
  • Division of Public Health (healthcare and research testing & services)
  • Steers multiple projects across the company and provides momentum to new projects and opportunities
  • Monitors international trends in toxicology, drug abuse and therapeutics, and works closely with our clients to ensure their concerns and needs are being met, and bring novel analytical products to new partners

NMS Labs Center for Innovation Members

  • NMS Labs consists of leading scientists with collective expertise. The Center draws on this expertise in the areas of Clinical and Forensic Toxicology, Endocrinology, Criminalistics, Metals, Forensic Biology, and Research & Development
  • Brings individual academic and professional perspectives to the table
  • Reaches across departments and disciplines, creating an incubator for novel solutions and applications – and deploys these solutions in a timely manner
  • Interdisciplinary approach with different key members depending on the initiative

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