Our founder, Dr. Fredric Rieders, was passionate about sharing his expertise. NMS Labs carries on his mission and is committed to providing continuing education to the healthcare and forensic sciences communities we serve. We share investments and discoveries with clients and partners through educational events, meetings, webinars, videos, scientific papers and technical bulletins to keep them on the cutting edge of new trends, developments and the importance of testing.

Most recently, NMS Labs has been focused on the designer drugs epidemic.  Our experts have been monitoring the ever-changing landscape of the designer drug market - keeping ahead of the trends and developing testing and services to assist law enforcement and healthcare professionals in their struggle against designer drugs.

  Webinars and Presentations

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  Meetings and Events


  Designer Drug Trends and Information

NMS Labs is dedicated to furthering knowledge in the field of science. To learn more about our affiliated non-profit educational and research foundation, visit Fredric Rieders Family Renaissance Foundation.

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