Federal Supply Schedule (FSS)


NMS Labs has been serving federal, state and local government agencies for 40 years. Our company is now offering several tests for Medical Laboratory Testing and Analysis Services in SINs 201 (Clinical Chemistry), 204 (Clinical Drugs of Abuse and Toxicology), and 205 (Endocrinology) under contract V797P-2060D to make it easy for government clients to do business with us.

NMS Labs also provides thousands of other tests that can be obtained through an Open Market Procurement.

NMS Labs Offers Designer Drug Testing on its Federal Supply Schedule (FSS)
Fake pot, fake weed, JWH, bath salts, MDPV, mephedrone, new hallucinogens…

NMS Labs has been keeping up with the drug trends and offers an evolving and comprehensive portfolio of designer drug testing that matches the most popular drugs on the street today. We are committed to continued investment in research & development as the market continues to change.

FSS Price List

Download a complete list of tests available under contract V797P-2060D. Contact us for pricing information.

Ordering NMS Labs Services Through GSA Advantage

  1. Search for contract V797P-2060D under Services on GSA Advantage at: www.gsaadvantage.gov.
  2. Select the desired testing and place into your online cart. If you have any questions about any of the tests on our schedule, call us at (800) 522-6671.
  3. Follow the GSA Advantage procedures for checkout.

Ordering NMS Labs Services over the Phone

  1. Refer to the NMS Labs net FSS pricing, and place your order by calling (800) 522-6671.
  2. If you require testing that is not on this schedule, please request a quote under an open market procurement.
  3. Your agency will then issue a purchase order for scheduled items (or provide a Government Purchase Card number) to NMS Labs referencing GSA contract # V797P-2060D.

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This information is presented for informational purposes only. Any inconsistencies shall be governed by contract V797P-2060D.

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