Sample Submission Step 4: Storage, Retention & Disposal
Clinical specimens are routinely retained for two (2) weeks after the date of report. Specimens handled as forensic cases are routinely retained for six (6) weeks after the final report is issued. To request extended storage of clinical and/or forensic specimen, you must send a written request in advance of the disposal date, including a prepayment of the specimen storage surcharge which will extend the retention period by three (3) months. Each additional three-months storage requires an additional payment. Failure to notify the laboratory in writing of a request for storage beyond the routine periods indicated above (two [2] weeks – clinical, or six [6] weeks – forensics), and to provide prepayment for extended storage will be considered authorization to discard or destroy the specimen(s). If you have any questions, please contact Client Support at (866) 522-2206.

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