Our Services

Testing and Services by Profession

NMS Labs has built a reputation of excellence among healthcare professionals, researchers, medical examiners/coroners and those in the legal and law enforcement fields. The demands of these fields evolve at an increasing pace every day. Our job is to connect the needs of your world with that of the most cutting-edge testing available in laboratory science. It’s why we’re always improving and expanding our test menu, capabilities, instrumentation and expertise—a promise of innovation you can always count on.

Testing and Services by Category

NMS Labs brings you the innovative tests and services that meet the ever-changing world of drugs and diagnostics. Under the guidance of experts renowned throughout the Forensic, Clinical and Research fields, NMS Labs provides a unique and impressive menu of more than 2,500 tests in numerous different classes and categories. Our clients turn to us for our expertise, service and innovation they simply can’t find anywhere else. In fact, many of our tests are the only ones offered in their markets.

Forensic Services

NMS Labs has been performing forensic testing for over 40 years. Its testing procedures are designed to meet the strictest of requirements for application to criminal and civil justice processes. NMS Labs’ forensic scientists have over 100 years of combined expertise in explaining and defending its forensic testing findings. When you need to know that your forensic testing is solid and defensible, turn to NMS Labs.

Clinical Services

NMS Labs is the nation’s premier independent provider of laboratory testing services specializing in clinical toxicology and other vitally important areas of esoteric diagnostics testing that can help enhance diagnosis, care, and treatment.

Research Services

NMS Labs has a long track record as a leading independent reference laboratory nationwide—supported by more than 200 highly trained staff and scientists and providing more than 2,500 assays and customizable tests. Our knowledge and experience enable us to assist the ongoing operations of research universities, contract research organizations, medical device manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies, by delivering incontrovertible results.

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