Clinical Services
NMS Labs is the nation’s premier independent provider of laboratory testing services specializing in clinical toxicology and other vitally important areas of esoteric diagnostics testing that can help enhance diagnosis, care, and treatment.

Therapeutic Drug Analysis & Monitoring

Search this section to find assays to help physicians adjust patient medication to optimize therapy and reduce the risk of toxicity, and to monitor compliance.

Drugs of Abuse

NMS Labs offers continually evolving and relevant testing for drugs of abuse for patients from the clinic to the emergency room.

Pain Management

Learn how NMS Labs can aid in therapeutic monitoring as well as compliance or diversion monitoring for patients being treated for pain.

Metals / Elements

NMS Labs routinely helps clients obtain insights for elements and heavy metals testing, offered in a variety of unique specimen types.

Endocrinology Testing

Learn how NMS Labs can help to improve diagnostic insights and patient care through tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS).

Environmental Exposure Monitoring

Learn how NMS Labs can help you with monitoring individuals’ exposure to toxic substances found in the workplace or in the community, including Endocrine Disruptors, such as bisphenol-A (BPA), and Phthalate Metabolites.

Pediatric Testing Services

NMS Labs offers superior esoteric and diagnostic testing for children.

Professional Organizations

Learn more about our trusted partner organizations.

Sample Collection and Submission Requirements

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