Pain Management Lab Tests
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NMS Labs provides current and comprehensive testing to complement your routine pain management offerings, including:

NMS Labs specializes in testing for pain management drugs (both prescribed and abused) to aid in therapeutic monitoring as well as compliance or diversion monitoring. With a menu of over 2500+ tests, we can't list them all - but categories include:

Analgesics  |  Anesthetics  |  Anticonvulsants  |  Antidepressants  |  Hallucinogens  |  Muscle Relaxants  |  NSAIDs  |  Opioids  |  Sedatives and Hypnotics  |  Sleep Aids  |  Stimulants

Genotype Testing for Pain Management

NMS Labs now also offers genotype testing for CYP2D6 to determine metabolizer status for tramadol, oxycodone and codeine. CYP2D6 is one of the most important enzymes involved in the metabolism and effectiveness of pain management drugs. This test will aid physicians in pre-determining the potential for any given patient to receive effective treatment from these medications and to potentially predict adverse effects.

NMS Labs TDM testing of these same agents further assists in overall patient response and safety.  NMS Labs is proud to offer these key testing options as part of a genomic medicine approach to individualized patient-centered treatment.

Leading the way in the development of new, hard-to-find tests, NMS Labs is here to assist you in complementing your testing portfolio.

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