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NMS Labs offers superior esoteric and diagnostic testing for children.  When choosing NMS Labs for your pediatric testing, you can expect:

  • A broad pediatric toxicology test menu, including tests for drugs used in the treatment of ADD and ADHD, Antidepressants, Anticonvulsants, Immunosuppressants, Abused      Drugs, Poisons and Metals.
  • New tests to detect the levels of recently approved prescription drugs, helpful when information on efficacy and dosing is unavailable.
  • Extremely sensitive testing methods utilized, as is required for children.
  • Innovative technologies that allow for smaller sample sizes and only one specimen for multiple tests.
  • Toxicology testing that can help in the differential diagnosis of diseases.
  • Access to scientific experts to provide testing insights and discuss specific cases.
  • Continuous R&D investment.
With over 2,500 overall tests to select from, NMS Labs is well equipped to handle all your esoteric testing needs.  Below is a partial list of some of our most common tests offered for the pediatric patient.


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