Forensic Services

NMS Labs has been performing forensic testing for over 40 years. Its testing procedures are designed to meet the strictest of requirements for application to criminal and civil justice processes. NMS Labs’ forensic scientists have over 100 years of combined expertise in explaining and defending its forensic testing findings. When you need to know that your forensic testing is solid and defensible, turn to NMS Labs.

NMS Labs provides comprehensive, expert testing and analysis for the broadest range of biological and non-biological samples to support coroners, government and law enforcement agencies, medical examiners and others in corporate and legal industries, with a breadth of testing that is unsurpassed:

  • Postmortem toxicology
  • Integrated Forensic Services (IFS)
  • Novel psychoactive substances (NPS)
  • Forensic biology (including DNA testing and body fluid identification)
  • Forensic chemistry (including illicit and pharmaceutical drug identification)
  • DUI/DUID Toxicology
  • General unknowns

Postmortem Toxicology

NMS Labs experienced scientists and board-certified forensic toxicologists can help you obtain what you need to know when you need to know it using issue-directed analyses and results. Whether a case involves human performance concerns (e.g., DUI), toxicological causes of death or poisonings, NMS Labs can help with an unparalleled scope of testing, experience and commitment to excellence.

Integrated Forensic Services (IFS)

Backed by NMS Labs accreditation and expertise, our Integrated Forensic Services offer a locally deployed portfolio of forensic testing to your law enforcement community. We offer routine and expanded services. You can choose the forensic solution that is best for your local needs.

Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS)

NMS Labs is the industry leader in its ability to identify and stay current in an evolving and challenging NPS market with dynamic testing options.

Crime Lab Services

The Crime Laboratory at NMS Labs is equipped using state-of-the art technologies in drug identification, purity and strength determination, and DNA analysis. Our experienced criminalists are respected experts in their fields. Learn more about what we have to offer in this section.

DUI / DUID Toxicology

NMS Labs now offers toxicology testing designed specifically for Drug Recognition Experts (DRE) and Law Enforcement. Developed with the oversight of Dr. Barry Logan, nationally recognized for his leadership and contribution to the DRE program, this testing supports the 12-step DRE protocol and covers the seven DRE drug categories and all the priority drug groups recognized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Drug Diversion & Product Safety Studies

From our extensive experience conducting these kinds of studies, NMS Labs has a unique understanding of the drug diversion methods, latest techniques and "kitchen-type" lab set-up required to simulate real-world environments and accurately evaluate abuse potential.

Expert Witness and Forensic Consulting

The board-certified toxicologists and criminalists at NMS Labs are recognized for their knowledge of and experience with criminal and civil proceedings. From routine testing to complex investigations for national and international clients, NMS Labs experts are regularly called upon to provide expert opinions and scientifically sound testimony.

Backlog Reduction

Take control of your workflow by outsourcing testing to a lab you can trust. NMS Labs regularly supports public sector laboratories in reduction of backlogged testing in forensic chemistry, forensic biology, toxicology, and more.


NMS Labs has the ability to perform analytical investigations. Read this section to find out more.

Professional Organizations

Law enforcement agencies, government, and private organizations depend on their forensic laboratory partners to maintain the highest reputation for excellence and integrity.

Sample Collection and Submission Requirements

NMS Labs is the only independent forensic facility in the nation to be certified by both the ABFT (American Board of Forensic Toxicology) and ANAB-ASCLD/LAB-International (ANSI/ASQ National Accreditation Board-American Society of Crime Lab Directors/Lab Accreditation Board ISO 17025). ISO 17025 accreditation covers the disciplines of Toxicology, DNA, serology and controlled substances. We diligently maintain and exceed the high standards set by these organizations, so that you can have the utmost confidence in your testing results.