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Analysis Code Test Name
4290B 2,4,5,-T, Blood
4290SP 2,4,5,-T, Serum/Plasma
4655B Antidepressants Panel 1, Blood
4655FL Antidepressants Panel 1, Fluid
4655SP Antidepressants Panel 1, Serum/Plasma
4655TI Antidepressants Panel 1, Tissue
4127ME Buprenorphine and Metabolite - Total (Qualitative), Meconium
4207B Canrenone (Spironolactone metabolite), Blood
4207SP Canrenone (Spironolactone metabolite), Serum/Plasma
4666B Duloxetine, Blood
4666SP Duloxetine, Serum/Plasma
4023B Ephedrines Panel, Blood
4023SP Ephedrines Panel, Serum/Plasma
4023U Ephedrines Panel, Urine
4025SP Ezogabine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4261B Hypoglycemic Panel, Blood
4261SP Hypoglycemic Panel, Serum/Plasma
4630B Methyl Chloroform, Blood
4113B Paliperidone, Blood
4113SP Paliperidone, Serum/Plasma
4113U Paliperidone, Urine
4515B Picloram, Blood
4515SP Picloram, Serum/Plasma
4177B Postmortem, SIDS Screen, Blood (Forensic)
4017B Prilocaine, Blood
4017SP Prilocaine, Serum/Plasma
4018U Propofol Glucuronide, Urine
4015B Propofol, Blood
4015SP Propofol, Serum/Plasma
4000B Propranolol, Blood
4000FL Propranolol, Fluid
4000SP Propranolol, Serum/Plasma
4000TI Propranolol, Tissue
4000U Propranolol, Urine
4003B Propylene Glycol, Blood
4003SP Propylene Glycol, Serum/Plasma
4003U Propylene Glycol, Urine
4010B Protriptyline, Blood
4010SP Protriptyline, Serum/Plasma
4020B Pseudoephedrine, Blood
4020SP Pseudoephedrine, Serum/Plasma
4020U Pseudoephedrine, Urine
4029B Psilocybin as Psilocin (Qualitative), Blood
4029SP Psilocybin as Psilocin (Qualitative), Serum/Plasma
4029U Psilocybin as Psilocin (Qualitative), Urine
4033SP Pyrazinamide, Serum/Plasma
4030B Pyridine, Blood
4030SP Pyridine, Serum/Plasma
4030U Pyridine, Urine
4038B Pyridostigmine, Blood
4038SP Pyridostigmine, Serum/Plasma
4038U Pyridostigmine, Urine
4040B Pyrilamine, Blood
4040SP Pyrilamine, Serum/Plasma
4040U Pyrilamine, Urine
4045B Pyrimethamine, Blood
4045SP Pyrimethamine, Serum/Plasma
4046B Pyrrolidinophenone Panel (Qualitative), Blood
4046SP Pyrrolidinophenone Panel (Qualitative), Serum/Plasma
4047B Pyrrolidinophenone Panel, Blood
4047SP Pyrrolidinophenone Panel, Serum/Plasma
4065B Quaternary Ammonium Neuromuscular Blocking Agents, Blood
4065SP Quaternary Ammonium Neuromuscular Blocking Agents, Serum/Plasma
4065TI Quaternary Ammonium Neuromuscular Blocking Agents, Tissue
4065U Quaternary Ammonium Neuromuscular Blocking Agents, Urine
4051B Quetiapine, Blood
4051FL Quetiapine, Fluid
4051SP Quetiapine, Serum/Plasma
4051TI Quetiapine, Tissue
4051U Quetiapine, Urine
4071B Quinidine, Blood
4071SP Quinidine, Serum/Plasma
4080B Quinine, Blood
4080SP Quinine, Serum/Plasma
4080U Quinine, Urine
4075B Quinine/Quinidine Differentiation, Blood
4075SP Quinine/Quinidine Differentiation, Serum/Plasma
4086B Ramelteon and Metabolite, Blood
4086SP Ramelteon and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4086U Ramelteon and Metabolite, Urine
4085B Ranitidine, Blood
4085SP Ranitidine, Serum/Plasma
4085U Ranitidine, Urine
4101B Repaglinide, Blood
4101SP Repaglinide, Serum/Plasma
4110SP Rifampin, Serum/Plasma
4105B Risperidone and Metabolite, Blood
4105FL Risperidone and Metabolite, Fluid
4105SP Risperidone and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4105TI Risperidone and Metabolite, Tissue
4105U Risperidone and Metabolite, Urine
4114SP Rivaroxaban, Serum/Plasma
4115B Ropinirole, Blood
4115SP Ropinirole, Serum/Plasma
4120SP Ropivacaine, Serum/Plasma
4102B Rosiglitazone, Blood
4102SP Rosiglitazone, Serum/Plasma
4124B Rubidium, Blood
4124R Rubidium, RBCs
4124SP Rubidium, Serum/Plasma
4124U Rubidium, Urine
4125B Rufinamide, Blood
4125SP Rufinamide, Serum/Plasma
4137B Salicylate, Blood
4137FL Salicylate, Fluid
4137SP Salicylate, Serum/Plasma
4137U Salicylate, Urine
4150U Salvinorin A & B, Urine
4150B Salvinorin B, Blood
4150P Salvinorin B, Plasma
4160B Scopolamine, Blood
4160SP Scopolamine, Serum/Plasma
4160U Scopolamine, Urine
4170B Secobarbital, Blood
4170SP Secobarbital, Serum/Plasma
4170U Secobarbital, Urine
4180B Selenium, Blood
4180H Selenium, Hair
4180LI Selenium, Liquid
4180N Selenium, Nails
4180R Selenium, RBCs
4180SP Selenium, Serum/Plasma
4180U Selenium, Urine
4195B Sertraline and Desmethylsertraline, Blood
4195FL Sertraline and Desmethylsertraline, Fluid
4195SP Sertraline and Desmethylsertraline, Serum/Plasma
4195TI Sertraline and Desmethylsertraline, Tissue
4195U Sertraline, Urine
4197B Sildenafil and Metabolite, Blood
4197SP Sildenafil and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4197U Sildenafil and Metabolite, Urine
4190B Silicon, Blood
4190SP Silicon, Serum/Plasma
4190U Silicon, Urine
4200B Silver, Blood
4200SP Silver, Serum/Plasma
4200U Silver, Urine
4205SP Sinemet®, Serum/Plasma
4193B Sirolimus, Blood
4211B Stiripentol, Blood
4211SP Stiripentol, Serum/Plasma
4212B Strontium, Blood
4212SP Strontium, Serum/Plasma
4212U Strontium, Urine
4214B Strychnine, Blood
4214SP Strychnine, Serum/Plasma
4214U Strychnine, Urine
4213U Styrene Exposure Profile, Urine
4232B Styrene, Blood
4232SP Styrene, Serum/Plasma
4127B Suboxone® - Free, Blood
4127SP Suboxone® - Free, Serum/Plasma
4127U Suboxone® - Total, Urine
4240B Sufentanil, Blood
4240SP Sufentanil, Serum/Plasma
4240U Sufentanil, Urine
4235B Sulfhemoglobin, Blood
4235R Sulfhemoglobin, RBCs
4239SP Sulfide Exposure Biouptake Marker, Serum/Plasma
4245SP Sulfonamides, Undifferentiated, Serum/Plasma
4245U Sulfonamides, Undifferentiated, Urine
4275B Sumatriptan, Blood
4275SP Sumatriptan, Serum/Plasma
4275U Sumatriptan, Urine
4236B Suvorexant, Blood
4236SP Suvorexant, Serum/Plasma
4283U Synthetic Cannabinoid Metabolites - Expanded, Urine (Qualitative)
4282SP Synthetic Cannabinoids (Qualitative) (2019 Scope), Serum/Plasma
4305B Tacrine, Blood
4305SP Tacrine, Serum/Plasma
4306B Tacrolimus, Blood
4297B Tadalafil, Blood
4297SP Tadalafil, Serum/Plasma
4300B Talbutal, Blood
4303U Talwin® Nx, Urine
4311B Tamoxifen and Metabolites, Blood
4311SP Tamoxifen and Metabolites, Serum/Plasma
4312B Tapentadol - Free, Blood
4312SP Tapentadol - Free, Serum/Plasma
4320B Tellurium, Blood
4320SP Tellurium, Serum/Plasma
4320U Tellurium, Urine
4323B Temazepam and Metabolite, Blood
4323SP Temazepam and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4323U Temazepam and Metabolite, Urine
4329B Terazosin, Blood
4329SP Terazosin, Serum/Plasma
4326SP Terbutaline, Serum/Plasma
4367B Teriflunomide (Pre-Pregnancy Monitoring), Blood
4367SP Teriflunomide (Pre-Pregnancy Monitoring), Serum/Plasma
4366B Teriflunomide (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring), Blood
4366SP Teriflunomide (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring), Serum/Plasma
4327B Terpineol, Blood
4327SP Terpineol, Serum/Plasma
4327U Terpineol, Urine
4333B Tetrachloroethane, Blood
4333U Tetrachloroethane, Urine
4355B Tetrahydrofuran, Blood
4355SP Tetrahydrofuran, Serum/Plasma
4355U Tetrahydrofuran, Urine
4350B Tetrahydrozoline, Blood
4350SP Tetrahydrozoline, Serum/Plasma
4350U Tetrahydrozoline, Urine
4370B Thallium, Blood
4370H Thallium, Hair
4370LI Thallium, Liquid
4370N Thallium, Nails
4370SP Thallium, Serum/Plasma
4370U Thallium, Urine
4376B Thebaine, Blood
4378SP Thenyldiamine, Serum/Plasma
4380B Theobromine, Blood
4380SP Theobromine, Serum/Plasma
4380U Theobromine, Urine
4387B Theophylline, Blood
4387SP Theophylline, Serum/Plasma
4387U Theophylline, Urine
4440SP Thiocyanate, Serum/Plasma
4440U Thiocyanate, Urine
4450B Thiopental and Metabolite, Blood
4450SP Thiopental and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4461B Thioridazine and Metabolite, Blood
4461SP Thioridazine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4461U Thioridazine and Metabolite, Urine
4472SP Thiosulfate, Serum/Plasma
4472U Thiosulfate, Urine
4469B Thiothixene (Cis Isomer), Blood
4469SP Thiothixene (Cis Isomer), Serum/Plasma
4469U Thiothixene (Cis Isomer), Urine
4478SP Thorium, Serum/Plasma
4478U Thorium, Urine
4480B Thymol, Blood
4480SP Thymol, Serum/Plasma
4480U Thymol, Urine
4479B Tiagabine, Blood
4479SP Tiagabine, Serum/Plasma
4395B Ticlopidine, Blood
4395SP Ticlopidine, Serum/Plasma
4481B Tiletamine, Blood
4481SP Tiletamine, Serum/Plasma
4482B Timolol, Blood
4482SP Timolol, Serum/Plasma
4485B Tin - Total, Blood
4485H Tin - Total, Hair
4485SP Tin - Total, Serum/Plasma
4485U Tin - Total, Urine
4486H Titanium, Hair
4486B Titanium, Blood
4486FL Titanium, Fluid
4486SP Titanium, Serum/Plasma
4486TI Titanium, Tissue
4486U Titanium, Urine
4487B Tizanidine, Blood
4487SP Tizanidine, Serum/Plasma
4488SP Tocainide, Serum/Plasma
4489B Tofacitinib, Blood
4489SP Tofacitinib, Serum/Plasma
4490SP Tolazamide, Serum/Plasma
4500SP Tolbutamide, Serum/Plasma
4505B Tolmetin, Blood
4505SP Tolmetin, Serum/Plasma
4513U Toluene Exposure, Urine
4510B Toluene, Blood
4519B Topiramate, Blood
4519FL Topiramate, Fluid
4519SP Topiramate, Serum/Plasma
4519U Topiramate, Urine
4525B Torsemide, Blood
4525SP Torsemide, Serum/Plasma
4531B Tramadol and Metabolite, Blood
4531SP Tramadol and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4533U Tramadol and Metabolite, Urine
4535B Trazodone, Blood
4535FL Trazodone, Fluid
4535SP Trazodone, Serum/Plasma
4535TI Trazodone, Tissue
4535U Trazodone, Urine
4540B Triamterene, Blood
4540SP Triamterene, Serum/Plasma
4543B Triazolam and Metabolite, Blood
4543SP Triazolam and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4624B Trichloroacetic Acid, Blood
4624SP Trichloroacetic Acid, Serum/Plasma
4624U Trichloroacetic Acid, Urine
4618B Trichlorobenzenes, Blood
4640B Trichloroethanol - Free, Blood
4640SP Trichloroethanol - Free, Serum/Plasma
4658U Trichloroethylene Exposure, Urine
4650B Trichloroethylene, Blood
4650SP Trichloroethylene, Serum/Plasma
4653SP Triclopyr, Serum/Plasma
4660B Trifluoperazine, Blood
4660SP Trifluoperazine, Serum/Plasma
4680B Trihexyphenidyl, Blood
4680SP Trihexyphenidyl, Serum/Plasma
4680U Trihexyphenidyl, Urine
4700B Trimethadione and Metabolite, Blood
4700SP Trimethadione and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4700U Trimethadione and Metabolite, Urine
4702B Trimethobenzamide, Blood
4702SP Trimethobenzamide, Serum/Plasma
4704B Trimethoprim, Blood
4704SP Trimethoprim, Serum/Plasma
4704U Trimethoprim, Urine
4706B Trimipramine and Metabolite, Blood
4706SP Trimipramine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4706U Trimipramine and Metabolite, Urine
4710B Tripelennamine, Blood
4710U Tripelennamine, Urine
4720B Triprolidine, Blood
4720SP Triprolidine, Serum/Plasma
4730B Tungsten, Blood
4730SP Tungsten, Serum/Plasma
4730U Tungsten, Urine
4755UH Uranium, 24 Hour Urine
4755U Uranium, Urine
4766SP Valacyclovir as Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4759SP Valproic Acid - Free and Total, Serum/Plasma
4757B Valproic Acid, Blood
4757FL Valproic Acid, Fluid
4761SP Valproic Acid, Free, Serum/Plasma
4757SP Valproic Acid, Serum/Plasma
4760SP Valproic Acid, Serum/Plasma
4757TI Valproic Acid, Tissue
4757U Valproic Acid, Urine
4765B Vanadium, Blood
4765R Vanadium, RBCs
4765SP Vanadium, Serum/Plasma
4765U Vanadium, Urine
4764B Vardenafil and Metabolite, Blood
4764SP Vardenafil and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4767B Venlafaxine and Metabolite, Blood
4767FL Venlafaxine and Metabolite, Fluid
4767SP Venlafaxine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4767TI Venlafaxine and Metabolite, Tissue
4767U Venlafaxine and Metabolite, Urine
4770B Verapamil, Blood
4770FL Verapamil, Fluid
4770SP Verapamil, Serum/Plasma
4770TI Verapamil, Tissue
4770U Verapamil, Urine
4774SP Vigabatrin, Serum/Plasma
4790B Vilazodone, Blood
4790SP Vilazodone, Serum/Plasma
4778U Vinyl Chloride Metabolite, Urine
4780SP Vitamin B3 (Niacin and Metabolites), Serum/Plasma
4782B Voriconazole, Blood
4782SP Voriconazole, Serum/Plasma
4791SP Vortioxetine, Serum/Plasma
4800B Warfarin, Blood
4800SP Warfarin, Serum/Plasma
4815B Xylazine, Blood
4815SP Xylazine, Serum/Plasma
4815TI Xylazine, Tissue
4815U Xylazine, Urine
4821U Xylene Exposure Panel, Urine
4820B Xylenes Panel, Blood
4820SP Xylenes Panel, Serum/Plasma
4830B Yohimbine, Blood
4830SP Yohimbine, Serum/Plasma
4830U Yohimbine, Urine
4835B Zaleplon, Blood
4835SP Zaleplon, Serum/Plasma
4835U Zaleplon, Urine
4844B Zinc, Blood
4844FL Zinc, Fluid
4844H Zinc, Hair
4844LI Zinc, Liquid
4844N Zinc, Nails
4844R Zinc, RBCs
4844SP Zinc, Serum/Plasma
4844U Zinc, Urine
4860B Ziprasidone, Blood
4860SP Ziprasidone, Serum/Plasma
4870SP Zirconium, Serum/Plasma
4875B Zolazepam, Blood
4875SP Zolazepam, Serum/Plasma
4875U Zolazepam, Urine
4884SP Zonisamide, Serum/Plasma
4885B ZPP (Zinc Protoporphyrin), Blood

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