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Analysis Code Test Name
2111B Baclofen, Blood
2111FL Baclofen, Fluid
2111SP Baclofen, Serum/Plasma
2111U Baclofen, Urine
0500B Barbital, Blood
0500SP Barbital, Serum/Plasma
0500U Barbital, Urine
8620ME Barbiturates Panel (Qualitative), Meconium
8620B Barbiturates Panel, Blood
8620FL Barbiturates Panel, Fluid
8620SP Barbiturates Panel, Serum/Plasma
8620TI Barbiturates Panel, Tissue
8620U Barbiturates Panel, Urine
0512B Barbiturates Screen, Blood
6921H Barbiturates Screen, Hair
0512SP Barbiturates Screen, Serum/Plasma
0512U Barbiturates Screen, Urine
0519B Barium, Blood
0519H Barium, Hair
0519SP Barium, Serum/Plasma
0519TI Barium, Tissue
0519U Barium, Urine
9351UC Basic Drug Screen, Umbilical Cord Tissue
2626B Bath Salts Panel, Blood
2626SP Bath Salts Panel, Serum/Plasma
2626U Bath Salts Panel, Urine
0520B Belladonna Alkaloids Panel, Blood
0520SP Belladonna Alkaloids Panel, Serum/Plasma
0520U Belladonna Alkaloids Panel, Urine
0542U Benzene Incident, Urine (OSHA)
3101U Benzene Metabolites Panel, Urine
0543U Benzene OSHA Exposure Panel, Urine
0541B Benzene, Blood
0541TI Benzene, Tissue
0556U Benzidine, Urine
0560P Benzocaine, Plasma
0560U Benzocaine, Urine
9329ME Benzodiazepines Panel (Qualitative), Meconium
8891OF Benzodiazepines Panel (Qualitative), Oral Fluid (Saliva)
9329B Benzodiazepines Panel, Blood
9329FL Benzodiazepines Panel, Fluid
9329SP Benzodiazepines Panel, Serum/Plasma
9329TI Benzodiazepines Panel, Tissue
9329U Benzodiazepines Panel, Urine
0568B Benzodiazepines Screen, Blood
0568FL Benzodiazepines Screen, Fluid
6922H Benzodiazepines Screen, Hair
0568SP Benzodiazepines Screen, Serum/Plasma
0568U Benzodiazepines Screen, Urine
0585B Benzonatate, Blood
0585SP Benzonatate, Serum/Plasma
0585U Benzonatate, Urine
0610B Benzphetamine as Metabolites, Blood
0610SP Benzphetamine as Metabolites, Serum/Plasma
0610U Benzphetamine as Metabolites, Urine
0620B Benztropine, Blood
0620SP Benztropine, Serum/Plasma
0620TI Benztropine, Tissue
0620U Benztropine, Urine
0630B Benzyl Alcohol, Blood
0630SP Benzyl Alcohol, Serum/Plasma
0638B Beryllium, Blood
0638LI Beryllium, Liquid
0638R Beryllium, RBCs
0638SP Beryllium, Serum/Plasma
0638U Beryllium, Urine
6299U Beta-2 Microglobulin, Urine
3227B Beta-Blockers Panel, Blood
3227SP Beta-Blockers Panel, Serum/Plasma
3227U Beta-Blockers Panel, Urine
0420B Betahydroxybutyric Acid, Blood
0420FL Betahydroxybutyric Acid, Fluid
0642SP Betahydroxybutyric Acid, Serum/Plasma
0642U Betahydroxybutyric Acid, Urine
0645FL Bicarbonate, Fluid
0645U Bicarbonate, Urine
0650B Biperiden, Blood
0650SP Biperiden, Serum/Plasma
0680B Bismuth, Blood
0680SP Bismuth, Serum/Plasma
0680U Bismuth, Urine
0690B Bisphenol A - Free (Unconjugated), Blood
0690SP Bisphenol A - Free (Unconjugated), Serum/Plasma
0690U Bisphenol A - Total (Conjugated/Unconjugated), Urine
0711B Boron, Blood
0711SP Boron, Serum/Plasma
0711U Boron, Urine
0716SP Brexpiprazole, Serum/Plasma
0718B Brivaracetam, Blood
0718SP Brivaracetam, Serum/Plasma
0413B Brodifacoum (Qualitative), Blood
0413SP Brodifacoum (Qualitative), Serum/Plasma
0414SP Bromadiolone (Qualitative), Serum/Plasma
0720B Bromine - Total, Blood
0720SP Bromine - Total, Serum/Plasma
0720U Bromine - Total, Urine
0751SP Bromocriptine, Serum/Plasma
9118B Brompheniramine Screen, Blood
0770B Brompheniramine, Blood
0770SP Brompheniramine, Serum/Plasma
0770U Brompheniramine, Urine
0775SP Budesonide, Serum/Plasma
0796B Bumetanide, Blood
0796SP Bumetanide, Serum/Plasma
0800B Bupivacaine, Blood
0800FL Bupivacaine, Fluid
0800SP Bupivacaine, Serum/Plasma
0800U Bupivacaine, Urine
0802B Buprenorphine and Metabolite - Free (Unconjugated) Screen, Blood
0802SP Buprenorphine and Metabolite - Free (Unconjugated) Screen, Serum/Plasma
0801B Buprenorphine and Metabolite - Free (Unconjugated), Blood
0801SP Buprenorphine and Metabolite - Free (Unconjugated), Serum/Plasma
0801U Buprenorphine and Metabolite - Total (Conjugated/Unconjugated), Urine
4127ME Buprenorphine and Metabolite - Total (Qualitative), Meconium
0802U Buprenorphine Screen, Urine
9122B Bupropion and Metabolite Screen, Blood
9122SP Bupropion and Metabolite Screen, Serum/Plasma
9122TI Bupropion and Metabolite Screen, Tissue
9122U Bupropion and Metabolite Screen, Urine
0803B Bupropion and Metabolite, Blood
0803FL Bupropion and Metabolite, Fluid
0803SP Bupropion and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
0803TI Bupropion and Metabolite, Tissue
0803U Bupropion and Metabolite, Urine
0805B Buspirone, Blood
0805SP Buspirone, Serum/Plasma
0805U Buspirone, Urine
0820SP Busulfan, Serum/Plasma
0810B Butabarbital, Blood
0810SP Butabarbital, Serum/Plasma
0810U Butabarbital, Urine
0830B Butalbital, Blood
0830SP Butalbital, Serum/Plasma
0830U Butalbital, Urine
0835B Butane and Isobutane, Blood
0850B Butanols, n-, iso-, Sec- and Tert, Blood
0850SP Butanols, n-, iso-, Sec- and Tert, Serum/Plasma
0850U Butanols, n-, iso-, Sec- and Tert, Urine
0885B Butorphanol - Free (Unconjugated), Blood
0885SP Butorphanol - Free (Unconjugated), Serum/Plasma
0885U Butorphanol - Total (Conjugated/Unconjugated), Urine
0890SP Butyl Acetate, n-, iso-, sec- and tert-, Serum/Plasma

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