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Analysis Code Test Name
6108B Cadmium Exposure Profile (OSHA), Blood
6110U Cadmium Exposure Profile (OSHA), Urine
0921UH Cadmium, 24 Hour Urine
0921B Cadmium, Blood
0921H Cadmium, Hair
0921N Cadmium, Nails
0921R Cadmium, RBCs
0921SP Cadmium, Serum/Plasma
0921TI Cadmium, Tissue
0921U Cadmium, Urine
0930B Caffeine, Blood
0930FL Caffeine, Fluid
0930SP Caffeine, Serum/Plasma
0930U Caffeine, Urine
0939B Calcium - Total, Blood (Forensic)
0938FL Calcium - Total, Fluid
0938R Calcium - Total, RBCs
0938U Calcium - Total, Urine
0950B Camphor, Blood
0950SP Camphor, Serum/Plasma
0962B Cannabidiol, Blood
0962SP Cannabidiol, Serum/Plasma
0964U Cannabinoid Metabolite, Urine
0960ME Cannabinoids Panel (Qualitative), Meconium
0960B Cannabinoids Panel, Blood
0960FL Cannabinoids Panel, Fluid
0960SP Cannabinoids Panel, Serum/Plasma
0960TI Cannabinoids Panel, Tissue
9356B Cannabinoids Screen, Blood
9356FL Cannabinoids Screen, Fluid
9356SP Cannabinoids Screen, Serum/Plasma
9356U Cannabinoids Screen, Urine
0966B Cannabis Plus Recent Use Markers, Blood
0966SP Cannabis Plus Recent Use Markers, Serum/Plasma
4207B Canrenone (Spironolactone metabolite), Blood
4207SP Canrenone (Spironolactone metabolite), Serum/Plasma
0974SP Carbamazepine - Free, Serum/Plasma
0971SP Carbamazepine and Metabolite - Free, Serum/Plasma
0972SP Carbamazepine and Metabolite - Total/Free/Bound, Serum/Plasma
0970B Carbamazepine and Metabolite, Blood
0970FL Carbamazepine and Metabolite, Fluid
0970SP Carbamazepine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
0970TI Carbamazepine and Metabolite, Tissue
0969SP Carbamazepine, Serum/Plasma
0975SP Carbamazepine-10,11-Epoxide, Serum/Plasma
0975U Carbamazepine-10,11-Epoxide, Urine
0980B Carbaryl and Metabolite, Blood
0980SP Carbaryl and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
0980U Carbaryl and Metabolite, Urine
0982SP Carbidopa, Serum/Plasma
0985B Carbinoxamine, Blood
0995U Carbon Disulfide Exposure (TTCA), Urine
1006B Carbon Monoxide - Iron Ratio Profile, Blood
1006TI Carbon Monoxide - Iron Ratio Profile, Tissue
1008B Carbon Monoxide Exposure (Qualitative), Blood
1002B Carbon Monoxide Exposure Biouptake Screen, Blood
1009B Carbon Monoxide Exposure, Blood
1005B Carbon Monoxide Profile, Blood (Forensic)
1010B Carbon Tetrachloride, Blood
1010SP Carbon Tetrachloride, Serum/Plasma
1010U Carbon Tetrachloride, Urine
1000B Carboxy-, Met- and Sulf-Hemoglobin, Blood
1019B Carbrital Profile, Blood
1019SP Carbrital Profile, Serum/Plasma
9129B Carisoprodol and Metabolite Screen, Blood
9129FL Carisoprodol and Metabolite Screen, Fluid
9129SP Carisoprodol and Metabolite Screen, Serum/Plasma
9129U Carisoprodol and Metabolite Screen, Urine
1030B Carisoprodol and Metabolite, Blood
1030FL Carisoprodol and Metabolite, Fluid
1030SP Carisoprodol and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
1030U Carisoprodol and Metabolite, Urine
7631UH Catecholamines Fractionated, 24 Hour Urine
7631U Catecholamines Fractionated, Urine
7673P Catecholamines, Fractionated and Free, Plasma
7677P Catecholamines, Fractionated and Free, Plasma
1033ST Cathartic Laxatives Profile, Stool
1055B Celecoxib, Blood
1055SP Celecoxib, Serum/Plasma
1042B Cesium, Blood
1042SP Cesium, Serum/Plasma
1042U Cesium, Urine
1040B Cetirizine, Blood
1040SP Cetirizine, Serum/Plasma
1040U Cetirizine, Urine
9401B Chloral Hydrate Screen, Blood
9401SP Chloral Hydrate Screen, Serum/Plasma
9401U Chloral Hydrate Screen, Urine
1044B Chloral Hydrate, Blood
1044SP Chloral Hydrate, Serum/Plasma
1044U Chloral Hydrate, Urine
1050SP Chloramphenicol, Serum/Plasma
1063B Chlorcyclizine, Blood
1070B Chlordane and Metabolites, Blood
1070SP Chlordane and Metabolites, Serum/Plasma
1080B Chlordiazepoxide and Metabolite, Blood
1080SP Chlordiazepoxide and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
1080U Chlordiazepoxide and Metabolite, Urine
1111U Chlorobenzene Exposure (p-Chlorophenol), Urine
1110B Chlorobenzene, Blood
1110SP Chlorobenzene, Serum/Plasma
1130B Chloroform, Blood
1130SP Chloroform, Serum/Plasma
0415SP Chlorophacinone (Qualitative), Serum/Plasma
1140B Chloroquine, Blood (Forensic)
1140P Chloroquine, Plasma
1140U Chloroquine, Urine
1180B Chlorothiazide, Blood
1180SP Chlorothiazide, Serum/Plasma
1190B Chlorpheniramine, Blood
1190SP Chlorpheniramine, Serum/Plasma
1190U Chlorpheniramine, Urine
9136B Chlorpromazine Screen, Blood
9136SP Chlorpromazine Screen, Serum/Plasma
9136U Chlorpromazine Screen, Urine
8681B Chlorpromazine, Blood
1210B Chlorpromazine, Blood
1210FL Chlorpromazine, Fluid
1210SP Chlorpromazine, Serum/Plasma
1210TI Chlorpromazine, Tissue
1210U Chlorpromazine, Urine
1220SP Chlorpropamide, Serum/Plasma
1250B Chlorthalidone, Blood
1250SP Chlorthalidone, Serum/Plasma
1255B Chlorzoxazone, Blood
1255SP Chlorzoxazone, Serum/Plasma
1255U Chlorzoxazone, Urine
1256B Cholinesterase, Blood
1256R Cholinesterase, RBCs
1256SP Cholinesterase, Serum/Plasma
1265B Chromium and Cobalt, Blood
1265SP Chromium and Cobalt, Serum/Plasma
1265U Chromium and Cobalt, Urine
1261B Chromium, Blood
1261FL Chromium, Fluid
1261H Chromium, Hair
1261LI Chromium, Liquid
1261N Chromium, Nails
1261R Chromium, RBCs
1261SP Chromium, Serum/Plasma
1261TI Chromium, Tissue
1261U Chromium, Urine
1262B Cimetidine, Blood
1262SP Cimetidine, Serum/Plasma
1262U Cimetidine, Urine
1272B Citalopram, Blood
1272FL Citalopram, Fluid
1272SP Citalopram, Serum/Plasma
1272TI Citalopram, Tissue
1272U Citalopram, Urine
1266B Clemastine, Blood
1266SP Clemastine, Serum/Plasma
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1267B Clobazam, Blood
1267SP Clobazam, Serum/Plasma
1267U Clobazam, Urine
9437B Clomipramine and Metabolite Screen, Blood
9437SP Clomipramine and Metabolite Screen, Serum/Plasma
9437U Clomipramine and Metabolite Screen, Urine
8707B Clomipramine and Metabolite, Blood
1268B Clomipramine and Metabolite, Blood
1268SP Clomipramine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
8707SP Clomipramine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
1268TI Clomipramine and Metabolite, Tissue
1268U Clomipramine and Metabolite, Urine
9139B Clonazepam and Metabolite Screen, Blood
9139FL Clonazepam and Metabolite Screen, Fluid
9139SP Clonazepam and Metabolite Screen, Serum/Plasma
9139U Clonazepam and Metabolite Screen, Urine
1270B Clonazepam and Metabolite, Blood
1270FL Clonazepam and Metabolite, Fluid
1270SP Clonazepam and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
1270TI Clonazepam and Metabolite, Tissue
1270U Clonazepam and Metabolite, Urine
1275B Clonidine, Blood
1275SP Clonidine, Serum/Plasma
1275U Clonidine, Urine
1280B Clorazepate as Metabolite, Blood
1280SP Clorazepate as Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
1280U Clorazepate as Metabolite, Urine
1287B Clozapine and Metabolite, Blood
1287FL Clozapine and Metabolite, Fluid
1287SP Clozapine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
1287TI Clozapine and Metabolite, Tissue
1287U Clozapine and Metabolite, Urine
1290UH Cobalt, 24 Hour Urine
1290B Cobalt, Blood
1290FL Cobalt, Fluid
1290H Cobalt, Hair
1290N Cobalt, Nails
1290R Cobalt, RBCs
1290SP Cobalt, Serum/Plasma
1290TI Cobalt, Tissue
1290U Cobalt, Urine
1300ME Cocaine and Metabolites (Qualitative), Meconium
8893OF Cocaine and Metabolites (Qualitative), Oral Fluid (Saliva)
0606B Cocaine and Metabolites Screen, Blood
0606FL Cocaine and Metabolites Screen, Fluid
6920H Cocaine and Metabolites Screen, Hair
0606SP Cocaine and Metabolites Screen, Serum/Plasma
0606U Cocaine and Metabolites Screen, Urine
1300B Cocaine and Metabolites, Blood
1300FL Cocaine and Metabolites, Fluid
1300SP Cocaine and Metabolites, Serum/Plasma
1300TI Cocaine and Metabolites, Tissue
1300U Cocaine and Metabolites, Urine
1303B Cocaine and Products Panel, Blood
1303SP Cocaine and Products Panel, Serum/Plasma
1303U Cocaine and Products Panel, Urine
1306U Codeine - Total (Conjugated/Unconjugated) Screen, Urine
8661B Codeine and Metabolite - Free (Unconjugated), Blood
8661SP Codeine and Metabolite - Free (Unconjugated), Serum/Plasma
8661U Codeine and Metabolite - Total (Conjugated/Unconjugated), Urine
7077B Codeine Metabolizer Status, Blood - Send Out
1320B Colchicine, Blood
1320SP Colchicine, Serum/Plasma
1320U Colchicine, Urine
9145UC Comprehensive Drug Screen, Umbilical Cord Tissue
1333SP Copper - Free, Serum/Plasma
1330B Copper, Blood
1330FL Copper, Fluid
1330H Copper, Hair
1330R Copper, RBCs
1330SP Copper, Serum/Plasma
1330SL Copper, Solid
1330TI Copper, Tissue
1330U Copper, Urine
7627SP Corticosterone, Serum/Plasma
7655UH Cortisol and Cortisone, 24 Hour Urine
7659SP Cortisol and Cortisone, Serum/Plasma
7655U Cortisol and Cortisone, Urine
7625UH Cortisol, 24 Hour Urine
7625SP Cortisol, Serum/Plasma
7625U Cortisol, Urine
7656UH Cortisone, 24 Hour Urine
7658SP Cortisone, Serum/Plasma
7656U Cortisone, Urine
3157U Cotinine and Anabasine from Secondary Exposure, Urine
1348U Creatinine, Urine
1349SP Creosol, Serum/Plasma
1349U Creosol, Urine
1350B Cresols, Blood
1350U Cresols, Urine
1362U Cumene as Metabolite, Urine
9142B Cyanide Screen, Blood
1380B Cyanide, Blood
1390B Cyclizine, Blood
1405B Cyclobenzaprine, Blood
1405FL Cyclobenzaprine, Fluid
1405SP Cyclobenzaprine, Serum/Plasma
1405TI Cyclobenzaprine, Tissue
1405U Cyclobenzaprine, Urine
1407B Cyclohexane, Blood
1410U Cyclohexanol, Urine
1409B Cyclohexanone, Blood
1409SP Cyclohexanone, Serum/Plasma
1409U Cyclohexanone, Urine
1415B Cyclosporine, Blood
1425B Cyproheptadine, Blood
1425SP Cyproheptadine, Serum/Plasma
1425U Cyproheptadine, Urine

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