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Analysis Code Test Name
2198SP Halazepam as Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
8758B Hallucinogens Screen, Blood
8758SP Hallucinogens Screen, Serum/Plasma
8758U Hallucinogens Screen, Urine
2212B Halocarbons Panel, Blood
9182B Haloperidol Screen, Blood
9182SP Haloperidol Screen, Serum/Plasma
2220B Haloperidol, Blood
2220SP Haloperidol, Serum/Plasma
2220TI Haloperidol, Tissue
2260SP Heptachlor and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2270B Heptane, n-, Blood
2270SP Heptane, n-, Serum/Plasma
9295B Herbicides Panel 1 Screen, Blood
9295SP Herbicides Panel 1 Screen, Serum/Plasma
9295U Herbicides Panel 1 Screen, Urine
2278B Herbicides Panel 2, Blood
2278SP Herbicides Panel 2, Serum/Plasma
2278U Herbicides Panel 2, Urine
2276B Heroin Metabolites - Free (Unconjugated), Blood
2276SP Heroin Metabolites - Free (Unconjugated), Serum/Plasma
2276U Heroin Metabolites - Free (Unconjugated), Urine
9343B Heroin Screen, Blood
9343SP Heroin Screen, Serum/Plasma
9343U Heroin Screen, Urine
2280U Hexacarbon Exposure Profile, Urine
2283B Hexachlorobenzene, Blood
2283SP Hexachlorobenzene, Serum/Plasma
2290B Hexane, n-, Blood
2290SP Hexane, n-, Serum/Plasma
2291U Hexanol, 1 and 2-, Urine
7639UH HIAA (5-Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid), 24 Hour Urine
7639U HIAA (5-Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid), Urine
2306U Hippuric Acid and Methylhippuric Acid, Urine
2300U Hippuric Acid, Urine
7638UH HVA (Homovanillic Acid), 24 Hour Urine
7638U HVA (Homovanillic Acid), Urine
2308SP Hydralazine, Serum/Plasma
2321B Hydrocarbon and Oxygenated Volatiles Panel, Blood
2321FL Hydrocarbon and Oxygenated Volatiles Panel, Fluid
2321TI Hydrocarbon and Oxygenated Volatiles Panel, Tissue
2321U Hydrocarbon and Oxygenated Volatiles Panel, Urine
2330B Hydrochlorothiazide, Blood
2330SP Hydrochlorothiazide, Serum/Plasma
2330U Hydrochlorothiazide, Urine
2340B Hydrocodone - Free (Unconjugated), Blood
2340FL Hydrocodone - Free (Unconjugated), Fluid
2340SP Hydrocodone - Free (Unconjugated), Serum/Plasma
8663B Hydrocodone and Metabolites - Free (Unconjugated), Blood
8663FL Hydrocodone and Metabolites - Free (Unconjugated), Fluid
8663SP Hydrocodone and Metabolites - Free (Unconjugated), Serum/Plasma
8663TI Hydrocodone and Metabolites - Total (Conjugated/Unconjugated), Tissue
8663U Hydrocodone and Metabolites - Total (Conjugated/Unconjugated), Urine
9332B Hydrocodone Screen, Blood
9332SP Hydrocodone Screen, Serum/Plasma
2345B Hydroflumethiazide, Blood
2345SP Hydroflumethiazide, Serum/Plasma
8664B Hydromorphone - Free (Unconjugated), Blood
8664FL Hydromorphone - Free (Unconjugated), Fluid
8664SP Hydromorphone - Free (Unconjugated), Serum/Plasma
8664TI Hydromorphone - Free (Unconjugated), Tissue
8664U Hydromorphone - Total (Conjugated/Unconjugated), Urine
2362B Hydroxychloroquine, Blood
2362FL Hydroxychloroquine, Fluid
2362SP Hydroxychloroquine, Serum/Plasma
2362TI Hydroxychloroquine, Tissue
2362U Hydroxychloroquine, Urine
2365B Hydroxyzine and Metabolite, Blood
2365FL Hydroxyzine and Metabolite, Fluid
2365SP Hydroxyzine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2365U Hydroxyzine and Metabolite, Urine
2369B Hyoscyamine, Blood
2369SP Hyoscyamine, Serum/Plasma
2369U Hyoscyamine, Urine
4261B Hypoglycemic Panel, Blood
4261SP Hypoglycemic Panel, Serum/Plasma

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