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Analysis Code Test Name
2551B Magnesium - Total, Blood
2551FL Magnesium - Total, Fluid
2551H Magnesium - Total, Hair
2551R Magnesium - Total, RBCs
2551SP Magnesium - Total, Serum/Plasma
2551ST Magnesium - Total, Stool
2551U Magnesium - Total, Urine
2570B Manganese, Blood
2570FL Manganese, Fluid
2570H Manganese, Hair
2570LI Manganese, Liquid
2570N Manganese, Nails
2570R Manganese, RBCs
2570SP Manganese, Serum/Plasma
2570TI Manganese, Tissue
2570U Manganese, Urine
2573B Maprotiline, Blood
2573SP Maprotiline, Serum/Plasma
2573U Maprotiline, Urine
9196SP Meclizine Screen, Serum/Plasma
2590B Meclizine, Blood
2590SP Meclizine, Serum/Plasma
2595B Mefloquine, Blood
2595SP Mefloquine, Serum/Plasma
2604B Melatonin, Blood
2604SP Melatonin, Serum/Plasma
2604U Melatonin, Urine
2581B Memantine, Blood
2581SP Memantine, Serum/Plasma
2605B Menthol, Blood
2605SP Menthol, Serum/Plasma
9440B Meperidine and Metabolite Screen, Blood
9440SP Meperidine and Metabolite Screen, Serum/Plasma
8721B Meperidine and Metabolite, Blood
2610B Meperidine and Metabolite, Blood
2610SP Meperidine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
8721SP Meperidine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
8721U Meperidine and Metabolite, Urine
2610U Meperidine and Metabolite, Urine
9444U Meperidine Screen, Urine
2620SP Mephenytoin and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2630B Mephobarbital and Metabolite, Blood
2630SP Mephobarbital and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
9200SP Mepivacaine Screen, Serum/Plasma
2640B Mepivacaine, Blood
2640SP Mepivacaine, Serum/Plasma
2650B Meprobamate, Blood
2650SP Meprobamate, Serum/Plasma
2650U Meprobamate, Urine
2665B Mercaptopurine and Metabolites, Blood
2670UH Mercury, 24 Hour Urine
2670B Mercury, Blood
2670FL Mercury, Fluid
2670H Mercury, Hair
2670LI Mercury, Liquid
2670N Mercury, Nails
2670R Mercury, RBCs
2670SP Mercury, Serum/Plasma
2670SL Mercury, Solid
2670TI Mercury, Tissue
2670U Mercury, Urine
2680B Mescaline Screen, Blood
2680SP Mescaline Screen, Serum/Plasma
2680U Mescaline Screen, Urine
2679B Mescaline, Blood
2679SP Mescaline, Serum/Plasma
2679U Mescaline, Urine
2689SP Mesoridazine, Serum/Plasma
1138B meta-Chlorophenylpiperazine (mCPP), Blood (Forensic)
1138SP meta-Chlorophenylpiperazine (mCPP), Serum/Plasma (Forensic)
1138U meta-Chlorophenylpiperazine (mCPP), Urine (Forensic)
2664UH Metals Panel 4 (Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury), 24 Hour Urine
2664U Metals Panel 4 (Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury), Urine
2693B Metals/Metalloids Acute Poisoning Panel, Blood
2693FL Metals/Metalloids Acute Poisoning Panel, Fluid
2693H Metals/Metalloids Acute Poisoning Panel, Hair
2693R Metals/Metalloids Acute Poisoning Panel, RBCs
2693SP Metals/Metalloids Acute Poisoning Panel, Serum/Plasma
2693TI Metals/Metalloids Acute Poisoning Panel, Tissue
2693U Metals/Metalloids Acute Poisoning Panel, Urine
2661B Metals/Metalloids Panel 1, Blood
2661H Metals/Metalloids Panel 1, Hair
2661N Metals/Metalloids Panel 1, Nails
2661SP Metals/Metalloids Panel 1, Serum/Plasma
2661U Metals/Metalloids Panel 1, Urine
2662B Metals/Metalloids Panel 2, Blood
2662H Metals/Metalloids Panel 2, Hair
2662N Metals/Metalloids Panel 2, Nails
2662SP Metals/Metalloids Panel 2, Serum/Plasma
2662U Metals/Metalloids Panel 2, Urine
2663B Metals/Metalloids Panel 3, Blood
2663H Metals/Metalloids Panel 3, Hair
2663N Metals/Metalloids Panel 3, Nails
2663SP Metals/Metalloids Panel 3, Serum/Plasma
2663U Metals/Metalloids Panel 3, Urine
7630SP Metanephrine, Serum/Plasma
7645UH Metanephrines Fractionated, 24 Hour Urine
7645U Metanephrines Fractionated, Random Urine
7645SP Metanephrines Fractionated, Serum/Plasma
2720B Metaxalone, Blood
2720SP Metaxalone, Serum/Plasma
2720U Metaxalone, Urine
2740B Metformin, Blood
2740FL Metformin, Fluid
2740SP Metformin, Serum/Plasma
2740U Metformin, Urine
2760ME Methadone and Metabolite (Qualitative), Meconium
8894OF Methadone and Metabolite (Qualitative), Oral Fluid (Saliva)
8722B Methadone and Metabolite, Blood
8722FL Methadone and Metabolite, Fluid
8722SP Methadone and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
8722TI Methadone and Metabolite, Tissue
8722U Methadone and Metabolite, Urine
9324B Methadone Screen, Blood
9324SP Methadone Screen, Serum/Plasma
9324U Methadone Screen, Urine
9522B Methamphetamine and Amphetamine Screen, Blood
9522SP Methamphetamine and Amphetamine Screen, Serum/Plasma
9522U Methamphetamine and Amphetamine Screen, Urine
2810B Methamphetamine and Metabolite, Blood
2810FL Methamphetamine and Metabolite, Fluid
2810SP Methamphetamine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2810U Methamphetamine and Metabolite, Urine
2820B Methane, Blood
9325B Methane, Blood
2836U Methanol Exposure Profile, Urine
2837SP Methanol Poisoning Profile, Serum/Plasma
2834B Methanol, Blood
2835B Methanol, Blood
2835FL Methanol, Fluid
2835SP Methanol, Serum/Plasma
2834SP Methanol, Serum/Plasma
2834U Methanol, Urine
2835U Methanol, Urine
9203U Methapyrilene Screen, Urine
2840SP Methapyrilene, Serum/Plasma
2849B Methaqualone, Blood
2849SP Methaqualone, Serum/Plasma
2849U Methaqualone, Urine
2860B Metharbital and Metabolite, Blood
2860SP Metharbital and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2860U Metharbital and Metabolite, Urine
2863B Methazolamide, Blood
2863SP Methazolamide, Serum/Plasma
2863U Methazolamide, Urine
2887B Methemoglobin, Blood
2892B Methimazole, Blood
2892SP Methimazole, Serum/Plasma
2900B Methocarbamol, Blood
2900FL Methocarbamol, Fluid
2900SP Methocarbamol, Serum/Plasma
0649SP Methotrexate, Serum/Plasma
3012B Methotrimeprazine, Blood
3012SP Methotrimeprazine, Serum/Plasma
2930B Methoxychlor, Blood
9336SP Methsuximide as Metabolite Screen, Serum/Plasma
2950B Methsuximide as Metabolite, Blood
2950SP Methsuximide as Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2970B Methyl Bromide as Metabolite, Blood
2970SP Methyl Bromide as Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2970U Methyl Bromide as Metabolite, Urine
4630B Methyl Chloroform, Blood
2990B Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Blood
2990SP Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Serum/Plasma
2990U Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Urine
2982B Methyl Isobutyl Ketone, Blood
2982U Methyl Isobutyl Ketone, Urine
2984U Methyl n-Butyl Ketone Exposure Monitoring, Urine
2980B Methyl n-Butyl Ketone, Blood
2051B Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether and Metabolite, Blood
2051SP Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2051U Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether and Metabolite, Urine
2050B Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether, Blood
2050SP Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether, Serum/Plasma
3005B Methylchloroform Exposure, Blood
3005SP Methylchloroform Exposure, Serum/Plasma
3006U Methylchloroform, Urine
2986U Methylenedianiline, Urine
2584B Methylenedioxyamphetamine, Blood
2584SP Methylenedioxyamphetamine, Serum/Plasma
2584U Methylenedioxyamphetamine, Urine
9293B Methylenedioxymethamphetamine and Metabolite Screen, Blood
9293SP Methylenedioxymethamphetamine and Metabolite Screen, Serum/Plasma
9293U Methylenedioxymethamphetamine and Metabolite Screen, Urine
2585B Methylenedioxymethamphetamine and Metabolite, Blood
2585SP Methylenedioxymethamphetamine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2585U Methylenedioxymethamphetamine and Metabolite, Urine
9193U Methylphenidate and Metabolite Screen, Urine
3020B Methylphenidate and Metabolite, Blood
3020SP Methylphenidate and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
3020TI Methylphenidate and Metabolite, Tissue
3020U Methylphenidate and Metabolite, Urine
3036U Methyltin, Urine
3041B Metoclopramide, Blood
3041SP Metoclopramide, Serum/Plasma
3041U Metoclopramide, Urine
3042B Metolazone, Blood
3042SP Metolazone, Serum/Plasma
3043B Metoprolol, Blood
3043FL Metoprolol, Fluid
3043SP Metoprolol, Serum/Plasma
3043U Metoprolol, Urine
3048SP Metribuzin, Serum/Plasma
3050B Metronidazole, Blood
3050SP Metronidazole, Serum/Plasma
9211B Mexiletine Screen, Blood
9211SP Mexiletine Screen, Serum/Plasma
3055B Mexiletine, Blood
3055SP Mexiletine, Serum/Plasma
3057U Midazolam as Metabolite, Urine
9061B Midazolam Screen, Blood (Forensic)
9061SP Midazolam Screen, Serum/Plasma (Forensic)
3057B Midazolam, Blood
3057FL Midazolam, Fluid
3057SP Midazolam, Serum/Plasma
3061B Milnacipran/Levomilnacipran, Blood
3061SP Milnacipran/Levomilnacipran, Serum/Plasma
3061U Milnacipran/Levomilnacipran, Urine
3066B Mineral Profile, Blood
3066R Mineral Profile, RBCs
3066SP Mineral Profile, Serum/Plasma
3075B Mirtazapine, Blood
3075SP Mirtazapine, Serum/Plasma
3075U Mirtazapine, Urine
3059B Mitotane, Blood
3059SP Mitotane, Serum/Plasma
3078U Mitragynine (Qualitative), Urine
3064B Mitragynine, Blood
3064SP Mitragynine, Serum/Plasma
3081U MOCA and MDA Exposure Profile, Urine
3080U MOCA, Urine
3045B Modafinil/Armodafinil, Blood
3045SP Modafinil/Armodafinil, Serum/Plasma
3082B Molindone, Blood
3082SP Molindone, Serum/Plasma
3082U Molindone, Urine
3090B Molybdenum, Blood
3090H Molybdenum, Hair
3090R Molybdenum, RBCs
3090SP Molybdenum, Serum/Plasma
3090U Molybdenum, Urine
3098U Mono-n-butyl phthalate (MNBP), Urine
3092SP Moricizine, Serum/Plasma
8666B Morphine - Free (Unconjugated), Blood
8666FL Morphine - Free (Unconjugated), Fluid
8666SP Morphine - Free (Unconjugated), Serum/Plasma
8666U Morphine - Free (Unconjugated), Urine
8673B Morphine - Free and Total, Blood
8673SP Morphine - Free and Total, Serum/Plasma
8673U Morphine - Free and Total, Urine
8672B Morphine - Total (Conjugated/Unconjugated), Blood
8672SP Morphine - Total (Conjugated/Unconjugated), Serum/Plasma
8672U Morphine - Total (Conjugated/Unconjugated), Urine
3085B Morphine and Glucuronide Metabolites, Blood
3085SP Morphine and Glucuronide Metabolites, Serum/Plasma
3063SP Mycophenolic Acid and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma

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