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Analysis Code Test Name
4113B Paliperidone, Blood
4113SP Paliperidone, Serum/Plasma
4113U Paliperidone, Urine
3292B Palladium, Blood
3292SP Palladium, Serum/Plasma
3292U Palladium, Urine
9222B Papaverine Screen, Blood
3300B Papaverine, Blood
3300SP Papaverine, Serum/Plasma
3310B Paraldehyde and Metabolite, Blood
3310SP Paraldehyde and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
3310U Paraldehyde and Metabolite, Urine
3320SP Paramethadione, Serum/Plasma
3325B Paraquat, Blood
3325SP Paraquat, Serum/Plasma
3360B Paroxetine, Blood
3360FL Paroxetine, Fluid
3360SP Paroxetine, Serum/Plasma
3360TI Paroxetine, Tissue
3360U Paroxetine, Urine
3371SP PCB Panel, Congeners, Serum/Plasma
3380B Pemoline, Blood
3380SP Pemoline, Serum/Plasma
3381SP Penciclovir, Serum/Plasma
3385B Pentachlorophenol, Blood
3385SP Pentachlorophenol, Serum/Plasma
3384U Pentachlorophenol, Urine
9441B Pentazocine Screen, Blood
9441SP Pentazocine Screen, Serum/Plasma
9441U Pentazocine Screen, Urine
8723B Pentazocine, Blood
3400B Pentazocine, Blood
3400SP Pentazocine, Serum/Plasma
3400U Pentazocine, Urine
3410B Pentobarbital, Blood
3410SP Pentobarbital, Serum/Plasma
3410U Pentobarbital, Urine
3415B Pentoxifylline, Blood
3415SP Pentoxifylline, Serum/Plasma
3415U Pentoxifylline, Urine
9226B Pentylenetetrazole Screen, Blood
3433SP Perampanel, Serum/Plasma
3432U Perchloroethylene Exposure, Urine
3436B Percodan®, Blood
3436SP Percodan®, Serum/Plasma
3427SP Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), Serum/Plasma
10070SP Perfluorooctanoic Acid (Low Level), Serum/Plasma
3426B Perfluorooctanoic Acid, Blood
3426SP Perfluorooctanoic Acid, Serum/Plasma
3440B Perphenazine, Blood
3440SP Perphenazine, Serum/Plasma
3510B Phenacetin and Metabolite, Blood
3510U Phenacetin and Metabolite, Urine
3525B Phenazopyridine, Blood
3525SP Phenazopyridine, Serum/Plasma
3525U Phenazopyridine, Urine
8761ME Phencyclidine (Qualitative), Meconium
8896OF Phencyclidine and Dextromethorphan (Qualitative), Oral Fluid (Saliva)
3532B Phencyclidine Screen, Blood
3532FL Phencyclidine Screen, Fluid
6925H Phencyclidine Screen, Hair
3532SP Phencyclidine Screen, Serum/Plasma
3532U Phencyclidine Screen, Urine
8761B Phencyclidine, Blood
8761FL Phencyclidine, Fluid
8761SP Phencyclidine, Serum/Plasma
8761TI Phencyclidine, Tissue
8761U Phencyclidine, Urine
3550B Phenelzine, Blood
3550SP Phenelzine, Serum/Plasma
3550U Phenelzine, Urine
3560B Pheniramine, Blood
3581SP Phenobarbital - Free, Serum/Plasma
3582SP Phenobarbital - Total/Free/Bound, Serum/Plasma
9416B Phenobarbital Screen, Blood
9416SP Phenobarbital Screen, Serum/Plasma
8633B Phenobarbital, Blood
3580B Phenobarbital, Blood
3580SP Phenobarbital, Serum/Plasma
8633SP Phenobarbital, Serum/Plasma
8633U Phenobarbital, Urine
3621B Phenol - Free and Total, Blood
3621SP Phenol - Free and Total, Serum/Plasma
3621U Phenol Exposure, Urine
3623B Phenol, Free, Blood
3623SP Phenol, Free, Serum/Plasma
3624B Phenol, Total, Blood
9233B Phensuximide Screen, Blood
9233U Phensuximide Screen, Urine
3680B Phensuximide, Blood
3680SP Phensuximide, Serum/Plasma
3680U Phensuximide, Urine
3690B Phentermine, Blood
3690SP Phentermine, Serum/Plasma
3690U Phentermine, Urine
3700B Phenylbutazone and Metabolite, Blood
3700SP Phenylbutazone and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
3700U Phenylbutazone and Metabolite, Urine
3704SP Phenylephrine, Serum/Plasma
3707B Phenylethylmalonamide, Blood
3707SP Phenylethylmalonamide, Serum/Plasma
9237U Phenylpropanolamine Screen, Urine
3720B Phenylpropanolamine, Blood
3720SP Phenylpropanolamine, Serum/Plasma
3720U Phenylpropanolamine, Urine
3740B Phenyltoloxamine, Blood
3740SP Phenyltoloxamine, Serum/Plasma
3751SP Phenytoin - Total, Serum/Plasma
9239B Phenytoin Screen, Blood
9239FL Phenytoin Screen, Fluid
9239SP Phenytoin Screen, Serum/Plasma
3743B Phenytoin, Blood
3743FL Phenytoin, Fluid
3743SP Phenytoin, Serum/Plasma
3743TI Phenytoin, Tissue
3752B Phosphatidylethanol, Blood
3765B Phosphorus - Total, Blood
3765FL Phosphorus - Total, Fluid
3765SP Phosphorus - Total, Serum/Plasma
3765ST Phosphorus - Total, Stool
3765U Phosphorus - Total, Urine
3099U Phthalates Panel, Urine
4515B Picloram, Blood
4515SP Picloram, Serum/Plasma
3776B Pimozide, Blood
3776SP Pimozide, Serum/Plasma
3772B Pindolol, Blood
3772SP Pindolol, Serum/Plasma
3779B Pioglitazone, Blood
3779SP Pioglitazone, Serum/Plasma
3781B Piroxicam, Blood
3781SP Piroxicam, Serum/Plasma
3781U Piroxicam, Urine
3783B Platinum, Blood
3783FL Platinum, Fluid
3783R Platinum, RBCs
3783SP Platinum, Serum/Plasma
3783U Platinum, Urine
3790B Posaconazole, Blood
3790SP Posaconazole, Serum/Plasma
8061U Postmortem Toxicology - Basic w/o Alcohol, Urine
8061B Postmortem, Basic w/o Alcohol, Blood (Forensic)
8061TI Postmortem, Basic w/o Alcohol, Tissue
8041B Postmortem, Basic w/Vitreous Alcohol Confirmation, Blood (Forensic)
8051B Postmortem, Basic, Blood (Forensic)
8051FL Postmortem, Basic, Fluid (Forensic)
8051SP Postmortem, Basic, Serum/Plasma (Forensic)
8051TI Postmortem, Basic, Tissue (Forensic)
8051U Postmortem, Basic, Urine (Forensic)
8062B Postmortem, Expanded w/o Alcohol, Blood (Forensic)
8062FL Postmortem, Expanded w/o Alcohol, Fluid (Forensic)
8062TI Postmortem, Expanded w/o Alcohol, Tissue (Forensic)
8062U Postmortem, Expanded w/o Alcohol, Urine (Forensic)
8042B Postmortem, Expanded w/Vitreous Alcohol Confirmation, Blood (Forensic)
8054B Postmortem, Expanded with NPS, Blood
8052B Postmortem, Expanded, Blood (Forensic)
8052FL Postmortem, Expanded, Fluid (Forensic)
8052SP Postmortem, Expanded, Serum/Plasma (Forensic)
8052TI Postmortem, Expanded, Tissue (Forensic)
8052U Postmortem, Expanded, Urine (Forensic)
8043B Postmortem, Expert w/Vitreous Alcohol Confirmation, Blood (Forensic)
8092B Postmortem, Expert, Blood (Forensic)
8092FL Postmortem, Expert, Fluid (Forensic)
8092SP Postmortem, Expert, Serum/Plasma (Forensic)
8092TI Postmortem, Expert, Tissue (Forensic)
8092U Postmortem, Expert, Urine (Forensic)
8104B Postmortem, Fire Death Screen, Blood (Forensic)
4177B Postmortem, SIDS Screen, Blood (Forensic)
8050U Postmortem, Urine Screen Add-on (6-MAM Quantification only)
3784B Potassium - Total, Blood
3784R Potassium - Total, RBCs
3788B Prazosin, Blood
3788SP Prazosin, Serum/Plasma
3788U Prazosin, Urine
3795B Pregabalin, Blood
3795SP Pregabalin, Serum/Plasma
3795U Pregabalin, Urine
4017B Prilocaine, Blood
4017SP Prilocaine, Serum/Plasma
3900B Primidone, Phenobarbital and PEMA, Blood
3900FL Primidone, Phenobarbital and PEMA, Fluid
3900SP Primidone, Phenobarbital and PEMA, Serum/Plasma
3901SP Primidone, Serum/Plasma
3932B Procainamide and Metabolite, Blood
3932SP Procainamide and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
3950B Prochlorperazine, Blood
3950SP Prochlorperazine, Serum/Plasma
3957B Procyclidine, Blood
3957SP Procyclidine, Serum/Plasma
3957U Procyclidine, Urine
7621SP Progesterone, Serum/Plasma
3960B Promazine, Blood
3960U Promazine, Urine
3970B Promethazine, Blood
3970SP Promethazine, Serum/Plasma
3970TI Promethazine, Tissue
3970U Promethazine, Urine
3976B Propafenone, Blood
3976SP Propafenone, Serum/Plasma
3974B Propane, Blood
9327B Propane, Blood
3974TI Propane, Tissue
3975B Propanol, n-, Blood
3975SP Propanol, n-, Serum/Plasma
3975U Propanol, n-, Urine
4018U Propofol Glucuronide, Urine
9253B Propofol Screen, Blood
9253SP Propofol Screen, Serum/Plasma
4015B Propofol, Blood
4015SP Propofol, Serum/Plasma
3990B Propoxyphene and Metabolite, Blood
3990FL Propoxyphene and Metabolite, Fluid
3990SP Propoxyphene and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
3990U Propoxyphene and Metabolite, Urine
9247B Propranolol Screen, Blood
9247SP Propranolol Screen, Serum/Plasma
4000B Propranolol, Blood
4000FL Propranolol, Fluid
4000SP Propranolol, Serum/Plasma
4000TI Propranolol, Tissue
4000U Propranolol, Urine
4003B Propylene Glycol, Blood
4003SP Propylene Glycol, Serum/Plasma
4003U Propylene Glycol, Urine
9436B Protriptyline Screen, Blood
9436SP Protriptyline Screen, Serum/Plasma
8706B Protriptyline, Blood
4010B Protriptyline, Blood
4010SP Protriptyline, Serum/Plasma
8706SP Protriptyline, Serum/Plasma
9248B Pseudoephedrine Screen, Blood
9248SP Pseudoephedrine Screen, Serum/Plasma
9248U Pseudoephedrine Screen, Urine
9249B Pseudoephedrine vs Ephedrine Differentiation Screen, Blood
9249U Pseudoephedrine vs Ephedrine Differentiation Screen, Urine
4020B Pseudoephedrine, Blood
4020SP Pseudoephedrine, Serum/Plasma
4020U Pseudoephedrine, Urine
4029B Psilocybin as Psilocin (Qualitative), Blood
4029SP Psilocybin as Psilocin (Qualitative), Serum/Plasma
4029U Psilocybin as Psilocin (Qualitative), Urine
4033SP Pyrazinamide, Serum/Plasma
4030B Pyridine, Blood
4030SP Pyridine, Serum/Plasma
4030U Pyridine, Urine
4038B Pyridostigmine, Blood
4038SP Pyridostigmine, Serum/Plasma
4038U Pyridostigmine, Urine
9251B Pyrilamine Screen, Blood
9251SP Pyrilamine Screen, Serum/Plasma
4040B Pyrilamine, Blood
4040SP Pyrilamine, Serum/Plasma
4040U Pyrilamine, Urine
4045B Pyrimethamine, Blood
4045SP Pyrimethamine, Serum/Plasma
4046B Pyrrolidinophenone Panel (Qualitative), Blood
4046SP Pyrrolidinophenone Panel (Qualitative), Serum/Plasma
4047B Pyrrolidinophenone Panel, Blood
4047SP Pyrrolidinophenone Panel, Serum/Plasma

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